Wisconsin Science Education Foundation Presents

Waukesha Colleges
Science & Engineering Fair
For 2023
Not enough Interest

Getting Started
What Should I Investigate?
  • Think about a project or idea you are interested in studying (visit science buddies ideas and Science Fair Central
  • Begin your project journal
  • Read about the scientific method
  • Make notes in journal on the method that pertain to your project
  • Find a mentor
  • Sometimes if you get stuck, you might have to consider another idea
  • Don't forget, get certification before you start on your project

Pre-Register Your Project
Submitt the Student Interest Form to WaCSEF. WaCSEF uses this information to find judges for your project and also plan the room layout.  Don't forget that you will also need to submit the Student Registration Form as well as the SRC forms when they are completed.

Get Project Certification
Obtain permission from parents/teachers/mentor and  Scientist to work on project. The Intel International Fair requires that these permissions are obtained using forms. A list of the forms can be found on the Applications page of this site. Intel has a Forms Wizard that will help you select which forms need to be filled out. These forms must be filled out and authorized by the appropriate person before the project is started.  Form 1B also requires a signature when the project is completed.  Please make sure that dates for  project approval as well as the signatures are before the start date on Form 1A.

Discover WaCSEF Safety Rules and ISEF rules and regulations for your project (check with your fair for specific rules/regulations as fairs can relax these guidelines)

Do Project
  • Gather supplies
  • Set up project
  • Begin project with guidance
  • Document everything

Prepare for the fair
Fill Out Specialty Award Selection Form
Note:  To be eligible for Category and Grand Awards all team members must be present.
Prepare for the fair

WaCSEF will be affiliated with the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF); the world's largest pre-college celebration of science.